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Progettazione dell'impianto di sicurezza
January 2017 - July 2020


The National Central Library of Rome is, together with the National Central Library of Florence, one of the two Italian National Libraries that have the main task of collecting and storing all Italian publications. It is located in Castro Pretorio street, near Termini Station in Rome.
The library archive holds seven million volumes and 25,000 sixteenth-century books, in addition to incunabula, manuscripts, geographical maps, 50,000 periodicals and a substantial audiovisual and multimedia heritage.


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The client's tasks were:

  • Increase the internal and external security level of the site
  • Making the existing security system more modern and performing (video surveillance, access control, anti-intrusion)
  • Install a check point at the entrance to the Library
  • Create a new Control Room
  • Staff training


Engap was entrusted with the preliminary and detailed design and construction management. The work started in January 2017 and ended in July 2020.


Length of the perimeter:
about 1,100 meters
2, one main and one secondary
around 300
Daily visitors
about 400
2, one for employees and one for visitors
Reading rooms:
Preserved volumes:
7,000,000 books, 2,000 incunabula, 25,000 sixteenth-century books, 8,000 manuscripts and 20,000 geographical maps
Volumes in the reading rooms available for consultation:
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Engap has designed the video surveillance, access control and intrusion detection system with the aim of:

  • Secure the Library for users, personnel
  • Reduce the level of risk of theft of priceless works and manuscripts
  • Create a deterrent for criminal and vandal acts inside the Library and in the surrounding areas
  • Monitor and video surveillance in real time the strategic places (reading rooms, warehouses, book tower, galleries, offices, technical rooms, perimeter)
  • Create a check point at the entrance to the library in an "airport" style with a metal detector and X-ray scanner
  • Ensure access to restricted areas only for authorized personnel, with different levels of access
  • Create a single control room for real-time monitoring of cameras using a dedicated 2x2 video wall, recording images and in general all alarms from security systems on dedicated servers
  • Integrate all systems into a single supervision software platform based on a client / server architecture


ENGAP carried out the construction management ensuring the carrying out of the following activities:

  • constantly supervise the work carried out by the companies involved
  • manage construction site accounting
  • carry out the intermediate and final testing
  • guarantee constant support to the final customer and the safety coordinator during the execution phase and in general to all the figures involved
  • check all the as built documentation issued by the company executing the works


On 7 September 2018 in Rome there was an event that involved the major European National Libraries (France, Holland, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, etc.) and Engap presented the safety project created for the National Library of Rome, arousing the interest of all participants.

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