ENGAP is an engineering company strongly oriented towards technological innovation that over the years has positioned itself in the national and international market as an ideal partner in the development of technical-design solutions for the public and private sector.

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June 2021

The chief technical officer of Engap, eng. Piccinini, has achieved the prestigious IMQ-AIRVIDEO Certification which qualifies the skills of experts in intrusion and robbery alarm systems and video surveillance, with the implementation of European standards on qualification and certification of companies that provide design, risk analysis and assessment and validation of the design, within a framework of protection of the end user and in line with the principles established by technical and legislative regulations for the sector.

News 02


June 2021

Engap, after a long selection and thanks to the references gained in the field, has been awarded the preliminary design, the detail design and the construction management of the electrical, mechanical, security and safety systems of the largest Datacenter in southern Italy, which will be built in Caserta. The Datacenter will be built from four islands each consisting of about 50 cabinets, all compartmentalized by hot / cold corridors. The cabinets will be powered by a redundant double power supply

News 03


March 2021

The collaboration with the "Falcone-Borsellino" International Airport continues after carrying out the preliminary design and the detail design of the-intrusion detection perimeter systems on the sea side (about 2km), they obtained the extension of the assignment with the upstream of the airport (around 7km). The Perimeter protection will be achieved by means of PTZ cameras, thermal cameras and radar sensors.


Engap is looking for motivated and talented people to be included in its team of professionals for important and stimulating jobs in Italy and abroad. We are looking for people capable of getting involved in every new project or order, willing to keep up-to-date and become part of an innovative, flexible and dynamic environment, with the possibility of growth and of developing skills and knowledge.

Professionalism, problem solving skills and organizational skills are required.
Our job opportunities are:

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