ENGAP is an engineering company strongly oriented towards technological innovation that over the years has positioned itself in the national and international market as an ideal partner in the development of technical-design solutions for the public and private sector.

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News 08


December 2021

In addition to the assignment for the drafting of the executive project and operational management of the compliance of the local C.E.D. of Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome, Engap srl also won the technical-economic feasibility study in December, after recognition and verification of the state of conservation and efficiency of the existing electrical systems, aimed at listing the priorities for intervention for the repair of the network site electricity.

News 07


November 2021

Engap won the tender for the design of the security systems relating to 6 photovoltaic fields in the United Kingdom with a nominal power of over 20 MWp for each system.

News 06


October 2021

Engap won the tender launched by the Ministry of Culture - Regional Directorate of Abruzzo Museums for the renovation of the Piccolomini Castle in Celano which includes, among other interventions, the design of security, video surveillance, fire and electrical systems.


Engap is looking for motivated and talented people to be included in its team of professionals for important and stimulating jobs in Italy and abroad. We are looking for people capable of getting involved in every new project or order, willing to keep up-to-date and become part of an innovative, flexible and dynamic environment, with the possibility of growth and of developing skills and knowledge.

Professionalism, problem solving skills and organizational skills are required.
Our job opportunities are:

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